• Tarun Ramadorai is Professor of Financial Economics at the Sad Business School, University of Oxford. His main areas of research interest are asset pricing, international finance, household finance, and the Indian economy. He has published extensively on these topics in a range of scholarly journals in Finance and Economics. 
  • Tarun is an Executive Committee member of the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance, a Senior Academic Fellow of the Asian Bureau of Finance and Economics Research (ABFER), a Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), and a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER). He has served as an Economic Advisor to the European Securities and Markets Authority, as Honorary Advisor to the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy in New Delhi, and during 2011 and 2012, he was Visiting Scholar at the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India. 

  • He has a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Williams College, an MPhil in Economics from the University of Cambridge, and a PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University. 
  • Recent working papers

For a more complete list of Tarun’s working papers, publications and activities, see his CV and his Research page.

Does the ownership structure of government debt matter? Evidence from munis
2015, with Tania Babina, Pab Jotikasthira and Chris Lundblad.

The effects of experience on investor behavior: Evidence from India's IPO lotteries
2015, with Santosh Anagol and Vimal Balasubramaniam.

Inattention and inertia in household finance: Evidence from the Danish mortgage market
2015, with Steffen Andersen, John Y. Campbell, and Kasper Meisner-Nielsen.

Tarun is a frequent media commentator. He regularly writes an op-ed column for the Indian newspaper Mint, and previously wrote for the Economic Times, and the Financial Express. Recent coverage of his work includes:

Don't Underestimate the Role of Push Factors 

5 February 2015. Mint

Building the Data Economy in India 

8 January 2015. Mint

India's Collective Action Trouble 

21 December 2014. Mint

The Costs of Frequent Elections
12 November 2014. Mint

Igniting Retail Interest in Equities

8 October 2014. Mint

Should Retail Investors Participate in the Equity Derivatives Market?

15 September 2014. Mint

Leave the Retail Investor Alone

8 September 2014. Mint

Transparency in Indian Politics

6 August 2014. Mint

Real estate goes global
26 May 2014. The New Yorker

When a man is tired of London house prices
9 May 2014. Financial Times

London house prices
14 January 2014, TV: World News Today, BBC 4 (around 19:22 on the clock).

Measuring London property's safe haven status
14 January 2014. Wall Street Journal

Turmoil abroad makes London safe as houses
14 January 2014. Financial Times

Homes 'earn' us more than jobs
14 January 2014. The Evening Standard

London house prices linked to political uncertainty overseas
13 January 2014. The Guardian

Individual investors should diversify portfolio, stop churning

27 December 2013. Business Standard

Novice Indian investors in a hurry to get rich
19 December 2013. The Times of India

India's Goldilocks Problem

28 November 2013. Mint

The Economics Nobel matters for India

21 October 2013. Mint

Are US hedge funds more attractive? A tale of two markets

23 June 2013. HedgeWeek

Bad data, the rich man's disease

4 June 2013. Morningstar

Bad financial disclosure regimen can be injurious to health

6 May 2013. The Economic Times

Don't Just Do Something, Sit There
26 April 2013. The Economist

Trimmed Hedges
6 April 2013. The Economist

Keeping It All Out of the Family
8 March 2013. The Wall Street Journal, Asia

In Defence of Immigration
8 February 2013. The Economic Times 

The most important lesson in investment
21 December 2012. Money Week 

Should the benefits mitigate the costs: PSL overhaul due?
22 November 2012. The Economic Times

Land acquisition law has to reflect business imperatives, not be the patchwork quilt
12 October 2012. The Economic Times

Hedge Funds
13 June 2012. BBC Today (Listen from 24.00 minutes)

Hedge funds: Do some mislead their investors?
12 June 2012. BBC News Business 

Funds forecast mammoth growth
10 May 2012. Financial News 

A kind of magic
30 March 2012. The Financial Times

Investing in Facebook: An IPO for Fools
2 February 2012. Morningstar

Oxford-Harvard-Sloan Initiative

Tarun is Principal Investigator on a transformational three-year initiative which is financed by the Sloan Foundation, and connects Oxford and Harvard to establish a new sub-field of finance and economics, "International Comparative Household Finance."  This field of research seeks to explore how household financial markets (such as mortgage, pension, and risky asset markets) are set up around the world, and whether there are international best practices that can be established.  The latest event of the initiative is the conference at Harvard Business School on household behaviour in risky asset markets.  

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